We unite for the sake of Victory with volunteer mobile ophthalmological assistance

The MOC project is a mobile ophthalmological aid in the front-line territories, created with the support of the networks of ophthalmological centers «New Vision» and «Excimer», as well as the CF «See Victory». From June 13, a pilot two-week trip is underway. A team of doctors provides free ophthalmic care to patients. It is often very difficult for those who live and work in the frontline areas to get professional help from a doctor.

The MOC – volunteer assistance – received more than 210 patients in a week, among whom more than half are military personnel.

The World Medicine company provided medicines for the needs of mobile ophthalmic care.

Our team works in Donetsk region, receives about 30 patients every day, almost half of them are military.

We planned to set a work schedule, but «the guys from the positions will come up now, look?», and the day is stretching…

In the first days, more civilians were admitted – with typical complaints for any ophthalmology office. The last few days – the focus is on the military. And there is a huge number of appeals due to contusions, shrapnel in the eyes, fresh and old injuries.

Great stress and strain, the need to communicate and make decisions here and now, because sometimes the count goes for hours to possible blindness due to a penetrating wound, and the soldier rushes to the position immediately from the sight, because «something just caught his eye»

We are doing a very important thing with your help. Thank you!

MOC team
Аренда яхты