We unite for the sake of Victory with the charity foundation «See Victory»

Volunteers and organizations come together for a common goal, everyone makes their contribution. And in one case of assistance, there are always more participants than the recipient of assistance and the one who provides it. For example, the World Medicine company supported the 227th battalion of the 127th brigade of the Kharkiv TRO by handing over the drug «Neladex» to the military, which is prescribed for inflammation of eye tissues (conjunctivitis, keratitis) and acute and chronic otitis externa. But we and the military were united by many different people. For example, Olena Laskina, who, together with a team of volunteers, takes care of military personnel from the 127th brigade, the caring citizens of Kharkiv who turned to the BF «See Victory» for medicines, the BF «See Victory» itself.

«See Victory» – a charity fund of the private ophthalmological centers «New Vision» and «Excimer». With the help of the fund, the military can receive compensation for the costs of vision diagnostics and treatment.


Together – we are capable of incredible things!

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