We unite for the sake of Victory with the charitable fund «Help UA»

The pharmaceutical company World Medicine has once again donated a very large amount of MUSKOMED (muscle relaxants) and ROTALFEN (painkillers) to the Charitable Foundation «Help UA».

The drugs were distributed in hospitals in Kyiv, Kherson, and Kyiv region. Most of the drugs were received by the Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv, which will be distributed among other hospitals for the treatment and rehabilitation of military personnel.

This is not the end of the company’s aid and soon a new aid package in the form of necessary medicines will be sent to hospitals and stabilization points near the contact line.

A low bow to you for your attitude and understanding of the situation. We are indescribably grateful to you for your support, care and help. Good deeds do not go unnoticed – they shine like beacons to those who are waiting for help. We are sure that your example of humanity is indicative for all other companies. By solving problems in this difficult time for everyone, you give hope that together we will overcome any difficulties.

Your help is an important step for overcoming social problems and building a democratic, humanistic and socially oriented state.

We wish you health, well-being, success and Victory.

The Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv

Acknowledgments «Main Military Clinical Hospital» in Kyiv, PDF

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