Vegetative dysfunction in general therapeutic practice: ways to optimization of therapy

Authors: O.H. Morozova, A.A. Yaroshevskyi, V.I. Zdybskyi, Ya.V. Lipinska, A.V. Logvynenko

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education


The article deals with the results of the use of complex standardized Langena phytoextracts in treatment of vegetative dysfunction syndrome. Well-balanced complex composition of Langena phytoextracts enhances adaptive capacities of the body, improves stabilization of vegetative imbalance and reduces emotional disorders in patients with vegetative dystonia syndrome, regardless of the direction of vegetative function and can be recommended as part of the complex treatment of vegetative dysfunction syndrome in general and therapeutic neurological practice.

Key words: vegetative dysfunction syndrome, therapy, complex of standardized Langena phytoextracts

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