Use of Medotilin and Elfunat in acute and subacute period of ischemic stroke

Authors: Smolanka V.(1), Oros M.(1), Luts V.(2), Yatsinin R.(1)

(1) Uzgorod National University, Uzgorod, Ukraine
(2) Mukachev Central District Hospital, Mukachev, Ukraine


The article is devoted to the issue of adequate adjunctive therapy in the acute and subacute period of ischemic stroke. In particular, the attention was focused on medicines containing choline and the study of the drug Medotilin – a means of choline alphoscerate, which has a central cholinomimetic effect, is presented. Equally important role is given to the preparation Elfunat – ethylimethylhydroxypyridine succinate, which serves as a membranoprotector and an inhibitor of free radical oxidation. The article’s relevance is proved, the potential points of application of the indicated preparations are shown and the data from previous studies, which prove their effectiveness, are shown.

Keywords: ischemic stroke, choline alphoscerate, treatment, Elfunat, Medotiline.

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