The use of pantoprazole in the prevention of NSAID gastropathy

On the Ukrainian market, World Medicine presents the drug pantoprazole Ulsepan, which has proven its effectiveness in the prevention of NSAID-gastropathy both in clinical trials and when used in practical healthcare.

Of particular interest are the results of a study conducted in the clinic of the State Institution «National Institute of Therapy. L. T. Malaya NAMS of Ukraine» (Kolesnikova E. V., Solomentseva T. A., 2016). It was established that the administration of the drug Ulsepan at a dose of 40 mg/day while taking NSAIDs made it possible to avoid the development of gastrointestinal bleeding in all patients included in the prevention group. In the group of patients with symptoms of NSAID-gastropathy, while taking Ulsepan, already on the 3-4th day of administration, pain relief, a decrease in the severity of dyspeptic phenomena, and epithelialization of erosions and ulcers were noted.

Primary care physicians need to take into account the relevance and prevalence of the problem of NSAID gastropathy, which requires preventive measures. Special attention of specialists deserves the drug pantoprazole Ulsepan, which has proven its high efficiency in the prevention and treatment of this pathology.

Prepared by Anatoly Stepura

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Published in a journal «District doctor» november’2016

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