The role of Medulac in the regulation of the physiological rhythm of the intestine

Medulac is recommended for conditions such as:

  • constipation:
    • regulation of the physiological rhythm of the intestine;
    • conditions requiring softening of stool and facilitating defecation (with hemorrhoids before and after operations, including on the intestines and anorectal zone)
  • portosystemic hepatic encephalopathy:
    • treatment and prevention of hepatic coma and precoma

It should be noted that Medulac has a dose-dependent effect: the smallest doses are prebiotic, that is, it is used by the normal saccharolytic flora for its needs, without causing a laxative effect. In medium doses, both the prebiotic effect and the laxative effect are realized, since the lactulose split by the flora retains water in the intestinal lumen, increasing the volume of feces and softening them.

Another important advantage of the drug Medulac is that it is produced in glass vials, unlike other lactulose preparations, the primary packaging of which is plastic vials, which most effectively preserves its homogeneous syrup consistency and pharmacological properties, regardless of the influence of environmental factors.

The foregoing suggests that the action of the drug Medulac, unlike other laxatives, is more complex, since it affects the main pathophysiological mechanisms of constipation. On the one hand, the drug increases the volume and softens the intestinal contents, and on the other hand, it enhances intestinal peristalsis. In addition, in addition to the laxative effect, Medulac has a prebiotic and detoxifying effect.

The possibility of widespread use of Medulac in the treatment of functional constipation, both in adults and in children, is due, in addition to high clinical efficacy, to the physiological mechanism of action of the drug, the low frequency of side effects (most often a feeling of moderate bloating) compared to other laxatives. A wide range of drug use is also due to the ability of lactulose to improve the absorption of phosphates and calcium salts, which ensures the prevention of osteoporosis in women!

So, Medulac is the drug of choice due to the main active ingredient – lactulose, which provides a quick, long-lasting and effective result. In addition, due to the perfect combination of a laxative effect with a prebiotic, the drug is considered the “gold standard” among the line of laxatives! At the same time, the mechanism of action of lactulose allows you not to disturb the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, which is especially necessary during use in pregnant women and the smallest – children from the first days of life!

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