The role of combined antibacterial agents in the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of female genital organs of mixed etiology

Authors: B.G. Kogan1, G.D. Gordeeva2

1Healthy and Happy Medical Center, Kyiv
2National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets, Kyiv

The article presents the results of the combined antimicrobial Ortsipol (WORLD MEDICINE) in inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs of mixed etiology, as well as vaginal capsules Bioselak (ROTAPHARM) for the prevention of antibiotic dysbiotic complications. In 50 patients with indication for antibiotic therapy and Bioselak Ortsipol used in the complex of therapeutic measures in cervicitis, adnexitises mixed etiology. Studying the dynamics of clinical status, laboratory analyzes, data from ultrasound scans of patients studied in the course of treatment and after it possible to establish the high efficacy of this combination. All patients had achieved clinical cure (disappearance of symptoms of acute illness), the frequency of elimination of pathogens was 92.0%.

Keywords: cervicitis, adnexitis, mixed infections, treatment, prevention of dysbiosis vagina Ortsipol, Bioselak.

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