The quality of vision is the quality of life

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of high-quality vision for human life. This is reflected in folk wisdom – «take care like the apple of the eye» and in the sayings of artists: «Sight is the meeting place of things and thoughts, it is the pearly gate between the sun and the soul» (Justine Gorder).

The ability to see the surrounding world, admire its beauty, perceive information, work, create is impossible without normal visual function. And now, in times of rapid technological progress, our eyes are subjected to greater and greater loads. Computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, pocketbooks make life more comfortable, saturate with information, but, unfortunately, overload our eyes. Children who haven’t even learned to walk yet are already playing computer games and watching cartoons on mobile screens. And from the age of 6, schooling begins, and the load on the eyes increases. The indicators of the increase in the frequency of myopia and other disorders of visual function among children and representatives of other age groups are alarming…

Is there any way to fix the problem? How to recognize in time whether a child has disorders of the visual system? How to maintain high-quality vision and maintain a healthy eye condition?

With these questions, we turned to the leading ophthalmologists Marina Volodymyrivna Shevkolenko, head of the children’s department of the Kyiv City Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital, a pediatric ophthalmologist of the highest category, Doctor of Medicine, chief freelance pediatric ophthalmologist of the Department of Health, laureate of the Cabinet Award Ministers of Ukraine for the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of strabismus treatment using prisms, and Natalia Mykolaivna Aleeva, a pediatric ophthalmologist of the highest category with 20 years of experience, a member of the Association of Pediatric Ophthalmologists of Ukraine.

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