The prevalence of thyroid pathology among pregnant women in Ukraine (2003-2016) and the possibility of its prevention

Authors: L.F. Matyukha, O.V. Protsyuk, O.V. Lynchak

The objective

To determine the prevalence of thyroid pathology among pregnant women during 2003–2016. and studies of the effect of the use of the complex Iodofol containing potassium iodide (200 μg) and folic acid (400 mg) in the ultrasound parameters of the thyroid gland (T) of women.

Materials and methods

Used f. 21 «Report on medical care for pregnant women, parturient women and puerperas». We examined more than 1 million pregnant women who were under the supervision of antenatal clinics during 2003–2016. The frequency was calculated per 1000 pregnant women.


The prevalence of thyroid diseases that were or occurred during pregnancy and complicating pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period in Ukraine in 2003–2016. was 64.47 ± 0.08 per 1000 pregnant women under the supervision of antenatal clinics, including the prevalence of diffuse goiter I degree – 45.77 ± 0.07. The prevalence of thyroid disease among pregnant women decreased by 25.40% – from 72.78 ± 0.14 in 2003–2007. to 57.64 ± 0.09 ‰ in 2013–2016 (p<0.001), and diffuse goiter of I degree by 21.17% – from 50.13 ± 0.12 in 2003–2007. to 41.37 ± 0.12 ‰ in 2013–2016 (p<0.001).


It is proved that the use of the drug Iodofol at the planning stage of pregnancy contributed to the normalization of the size of the thyroid gland.

Key words: thyroid pathology, pregnancy, potassium iodide, folic acid.

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