The combination of Levoximed and Secnidox drugs in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

Author: O.M. Nosenko, Odessa National Medical University

The objective

Was to investigate the clinical efficacy and tolerability of oral administration of a combination of drugs: Levoximed and Secnidox in patients with uncomplicated forms of PID.

Patients and methods

The study included 30 patients of reproductive age with uncomplicated forms of PID and 30 gynecological conditionally healthy women. Therapy PID by Levoximed held for 14 days at 500 mg per day in combination with Secnidox – 2 tablets (2,0 g) once in one step. Assessed clinical variables, eradication of pathogens, tolerability and safety.


The treatment resulted in the elimination of pain in 96,67% of patients; dizuria events – at 46,67%; abnormal discharge from the genital tract – at 86,67%; low grade temperature – at 36,67%. After treatment there was a complete eradication of obligate pathogens and elimination of opportunistic pathogens in diagnostically significant quantities. Tolerability of the combination of drugs Levoximed and Secnidox recognized as excellent in 76,67% of patients, good – at 16,67%, satisfactory – at 6,67%.


High clinical efficiency, extended range of antimicrobial activity synergistic products, excellent tolerability and safety allow us to recommend a combination of Levoximed and Secnidox for empirical treatment of uncomplicated forms of PID in an outpatient setting.

Key words: inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, Levoximed, Secnidox, clinical efficacy, eradication of the infectious agent, tolerability, safety.

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