Experience of the clinical use of the local antimycotic Terbinorm spray in the practice of a dermatovenerologist

Authors: B.G. Kogan, E.A. Willow A. A. Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv National University of

Onychomycosis: epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment

Author: V.O. Savoskina, Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Abstract The article presents the urgency

TERBINORM spray in the treatment of fungal infections

Microorganisms are extremely resilient creatures. Scientists say that they appeared on the planet among the

Sprey TERBINORM: overcome fungus easy!

The clinical course of mycosis is often complicated by the bacterial flora, so therapy should

TERBINORM spray overcome fungus easy!

Today, when choosing a drug in a pharmacy, the buyer is focused on the price

Fungal diseases: an annoying obstacle or medical problem?

Modern broad-spectrum antimycotics based on such an active substance as terbinafine have pronounced fungistatic and

Medical solution to a cosmetic issue, or New opportunities in the treatment of nail mycosis

The prevalence of fungal infections and onychomycosis in the population determines the relevance of entering

Cosmetic or medical problem? Or what should you know about onychomycosis?

World Medicine has expanded the line of antimycotic drugs presented on the pharmaceutical market of

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