Digest. Scientific studies of lutein and zeaxanthin

Why has Nature Chosen Lutein and Zeaxanthin to Protect the Retina? To protect the retina

The effectiveness of conservative treatment of patients with age-related degeneration of the macula and posterior pole with the drug Slezavit

Authors: N. V. Konovalova, MD, N. I. Khramenko, PhD, O. V. Guzun, PhD State Institution «Institute of Eye

If the child begins to squint: we control myopia and its progression

Author: M.V. Shevkolenko, Ph.D., expert in pediatric ophthalmology of the Kiev Department of Health Myopia in

Optimizing the treatment of the dry form of age-related macular degeneration

Author: N.O. Dzyuba, Ph.D., Director of the Kyiv City Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment

Powerful help for children’s eyes

How can you prevent a child’s eyesight from deteriorating? In addition to observing a rational

The quality of vision is the quality of life

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of high-quality vision for human life. This is

How to maintain healthy vision?

Prepared by Alina Zarnitskaya How to maintain healthy vision? People usually start thinking about this

What is glaucoma?

Reasons for development and recommendations Sight is the most important of the five senses, as

Cataract is a disease of the lens of the eye

Cataract is a process of clouding and darkening of the lens of the eye. This

Eye diseases: age-related macular dystrophy

Age-related macular dystrophy (AMD) is a dangerous eye pathology AMD is one of the most

Myopia in children: prevention and treatment

Myopia is when a person clearly sees only close objects. In the distance, she sees

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