Based on the neuro-COVID trilogy

Both printed sources and scientific and practical events pay considerable attention to the identification, diagnosis

Aspects of the use of metabolic therapy in patients with cognitive impairment in post-COVID syndrome

Authors: V. O. Kholin, K. M. Poletaeva, A. A. Tikhonenko, N. Yu. D. F. Chebotareva

Preventing heart failure and improving prognosis in patients after primary transcutaneous angioplasty by adding L-carnitine in acute myocardial infarction

Authors: Batushkin V. V.1, Ashdari M. Ch.2 1Kyiv Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine 2Kyiv City Clinical

Correction of secondary carnitine deficiency in chronic hemodialysis patients: focus on levocarnitine

Chronic renal failure (CRF) is the outcome of many long-term somatic diseases: chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic

The role of carnitine in the regulation of energy metabolism and modulation of the course of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus

Authors: O.O. Khaniukov, O.V. Smolianova State Institution «Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health

Effect of L-carnitine on the lipid profile of patients with coronary artery disease

In the human body, carnitine acts as a regulator of lipid metabolism, facilitating the transfer

Mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative disorders: from pathogenesis to therapy

Authors: V.O. Kholin, Institute of Gerontology named after D.F. Chebotaryova National Academy of Sciences of

Application of the infusion form of L-carnitine in the complex treatment of patients with stage III chronic kidney disease

Authors: O.V. Kuryata, Ye.O. Frolova, SE “Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine”

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