Combined therapy with Medotilin and Elfunat in the prevention and treatment of neuropsychiatric complications after open heart surgery

Authors: O.A. Hitalchuk, Archil Kaluzha Regional Center of Cardiosurgery of Odesa Regional Hospital, Odesa, Ukraine

Features of cognitive violations at COVID-19

Author: Kopchak O.O. Kyiv Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine Summary The article details the pathogenetic mechanisms

Use of Medotilin and Elfunat in acute and subacute period of ischemic stroke

Authors: Smolanka V.(1), Oros M.(1), Luts V.(2), Yatsinin R.(1) (1) Uzgorod National University, Uzgorod, Ukraine

Experience of using Medotilin in the treatment of patients with acute disorders of cerebral circulation

Author: Teshchuk V.Y. Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region of Ukraine, Odesa, Ukraine

Medotilin in the rehabilitation system for patients with acute cerebrovascular accidents

Authors: Teshchuk V., Teshchuk N., Dunaj О. Military-medical Clinical Centre of South Region, Odessa, Ukraine

Influence of Medotilin on the functional state of patients after acute cerebrovascular accident

Authors: V.Y. Teshchuk, N.V. Teshchuk Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region of Ukraine,

Management of traumatic brain injury in the acute and recovery periods

Author: Tatyana Chistik Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of mortality

Modern approaches to effective neurorehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke

Author: Tatyana Chistik Stroke remains a significant medical and socioeconomic problem. Approximately 30% of people

Modern aspects of providing care for the consequences of traumatic brain injury and back pain

Abstract The review emphasizes on the key points of the reports dedicated to the health

Medotilin in the treatment of post-stroke cognitive impairment

Author: V.M. Mishchenko, State Institution “Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of the National Academy

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