The drug of high metabolic activity Kokarnit in the treatment of diabetic autonomic neuropathy of the heart

Authors: S. V. Popov, O. K. Melekhovets, N. V. Demikhova, L. B. Vynnychenko Sumy state

Modern approaches to the inclusion of drugs with high metabolic activity in the schemes of complex therapy of patients with chronic dermatoses

Author: T.A. Lytynska National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets, Kyiv Comprehensive therapy which includes

Comparative analysis of the effect of physiotherapy methods on pain syndrome in patients with dorsalgia at the outpatient-polyclinic stage of treatment

Authors: L.Y. Vasilyeva-Linetskaya1, N.Y. Manoilenko2 1Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, E-mail: 2Kharkiv city

Determination of the optimal scheme of administration of Cocarnite to rats with diabetic polyneuropathy using the tensoalgometric method

Authors: N. Nikitina, PhD stud., S. Beregovyi, PhD, Stepanova L., PhD, O. Kabanov, sen. Engineer

Clinical and pathogenetic relationship of autonomic and myofascial dysfunction (assessment of the effectiveness of the drug Cocarnit)

Authors: Morozova O.G., Yaroshevsky A.A., Zdybsky V.I., Lipinskaya Ya.V. Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Energy-dynamic correction of chronic heart failure in arterial hypertension of renal origin

Authors: Vlasenko M.A. 1, Demikhova N.V. 2 1Head of the Department of Therapy and Nephrology

Modern approach to the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy

Authors: I. P. Romanova, A. V. Kazakov, S. P. Oleynikova, I. V. Chernyavskaya, E. G.

Features of the treatment of vertebrogenic pain syndromes

Authors: A. V. Klimenko, I. V. Belskaya The findings of the investigation of pathogenetic peculiarities

A new complex of metabolic substances and vitamins in the treatment of eye burns and their consequences

Authors: Iakymenko S., Kostenko P. The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of

Use of the drug Cocarnit in patients after endoprosthetics of the hip and knee joints

Authors: Korzh N.A., Filippenko V.A., Leontyeva F.S., Tulyakov V.A., Bondarenko S.Ye. State Institution «Institute of

Personalized study of the effectiveness of Cocarnit in the clinic of alcohol dependence at the stage of withdrawal syndrome

Authors: I.K. Sosin, O.Yu. Goncharova Kharkiv Medical akademy Postgraduate Education the Ministry of Health of

Clinical experience of using Cocarnite in the complex treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease and chronic heart failure

Authors: O.O. Khaniukov1, Ye.D. Yehudina1, O.G. Grigorenko2, I.M. Osypchuk3 1 State Institution «Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of

The effectiveness of combination therapy using meloxicam (Loxidol) and Cocarnit in the treatment of patients with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system during an exacerbation

Authors: O.V. Kuriata1, O.Yu. Sirenko1, T.K. Lysunets2, A.S. Lehkobyt2, A.S. Vorotylyshcheva2 1State Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Medical

Use of a metabolic drug in the complex therapy of patients with open-angle glaucoma

Authors: Pastukh I.1, Goncharova N.1, Nedzvetskaya O.1, Chubenko I.2 1 Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate

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