Study of the sensitivity of microflora during eye burns to antibacterial drugs «Floximed» and «Tobrimed»

Аuthors: Yakimenko S. A., Buznik A. I., Khrustaleva E. A., Shishkova G. I., Kostenko P. A., Molodaya A. L., Odessa, Ukraine

There was carried out the study of the microflora cultured from the conjunctival bag in eye burns to the anti­biotics «Floximed» and «Tobrimed» (ocular drops). There was established high sensitivity (from 62 % to 88.6 %) of the cultured microflora to the antibiotics studied. The application of these antibiotics in patients with eye burns allows to prevent the development of infectious complications in them. This makes it possible to recommend the ocular drops «Floximed» and «Tobrimed» for the preventive maintenance of possible infectious complications in severe burns even before the determination of the microflora sensitivity to the antibacterial preparations.

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