Some aspects of the use of desloratadine for the treatment of chronic urticaria

Author: K.O. Bardova, P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv


To investigate the clinical effectiveness of the antihistamines II-generation Eslotin (desloratadine) in the treatment of chronic urticaria, the effect on the quality of life and the safety of therapy of patients.

Materials and methods

The group from 15 patients with chronic urticaria was under investigation. The average age of patients was (27 ± 5) years. Patients had moderate severity of clinical symptoms (tangible but tolerable itching, the presence of 7—12 blisters). 73 % of patients had a sleep’s disturbance. 53 % of patients had a decrease in the quality of life as result of disease. In the treatment scheme, Eslotin was used in 1 tablet of 5 mg once daily for 10 days. The effectiveness of treatment was evaluated based on the dynamics of clinical symptoms in balls and was carried out at the 2nd and 10th day of treatment.

Results and discussion

Due to the treatment, the positive dynamics of all clinical manifestations of the disease has been achieved. The overall severity of clinical manifestations for 2 days of treatment with Eslotin decreased by 22 %, and after 10 days by 66 %. Relief of urticaria (decrease in the number and size of blisters) was achieved by 16 and 59 % respectively, and improvement in sleep for 10 days was 80%. The quality of life determined the 62 % of patients. During the 10-day side effects of Eslotin not observed. During the clinical observation of patients, there was no change in laboratory indices before and after treatment.


Modern 2-d generation antihistamines medicines should be considered as first-line products for symptomatic treatment of the urticaria. They have a sufficient safety profile. The use of a 2-generation antihistamine medicine Eslotin, which containing 5 mg desloratadine in patients with chronic urticaria is safe, effective, provides strong anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory activities, reduces manifestations of angioedema, itching and burning.

Key words: urticaria, angioneuroticedema, antihistamin drugs, desloratadine.

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