Primary biliary cholangitis: innovation and consistency in the EASL guidelines

Based on these and other evidence-based data, the European experts formulated the following recommendation: EASL recommends oral UDCA at a dose of 13-15 mg/kg/day for all patients with PBC as first-line pharmacotherapy. As a rule, UDCA is taken for life.

A worthy place among generic UDCA preparations on the domestic market is occupied by Choludexan (World medicine, Great Britain), each capsule of which contains 300 mg of UDCA. The drug is taken per os, without chewing, with a sufficient amount of liquid. The average dosage of Choludexan in PBC is 14 ± 2 mg/kg/day, in the first three months of treatment it is recommended to divide the daily dose into three doses, and if liver parameters improve, a single evening dose of the drug is allowed.

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Published in a journalе «District doctor» May-June’2017

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