Powerful help for children’s eyes

How can you prevent a child’s eyesight from deteriorating? In addition to observing a rational daily routine, properly organizing the workplace at school and at home, avoiding the abuse of gadgets, the use of drugs specially developed for this purpose will help the proper development of the eyes. One of them is the complex drug Slezavit (manufacturer «World Medicine Ophthalmics Ltd»). Each capsule of the drug contains:

  • vitamins (vitamin C – 60.0 mg, vitamin E – 10.0 mg, vitamin B2 – 3.0 mg, vitamin B6 – 2.0 mg, vitamin B1 – 1.5 mg, vitamin A – 1.0 mg );
  • blueberry extract – 60.0 mg;
  • lutein – 10.0 mg;
  • zeaxanthin – 1.0 mg;
  • trace elements (copper sulfate – 1.0 mg; zinc oxide – 10.0 mg; chromium – 50.0 μg, selenium – 25.0 μg).

A complex of antioxidant vitamins protects the fatty membrane components of cells of the organs of vision from peroxidation; vitamin B2 is part of visual purple (rhodopsin), protects the retina from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation; vitamin A improves vision at dusk. Copper, zinc, chromium and selenium are enzyme catalysts that prevent the formation of free radicals.

The content of carotenoids and components of blueberry extract makes the drug especially valuable.

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