Post-viral fatigue syndrome in children: does it need to be treated?

Authors: I.L. Vysochyna, V.V. Kramarchuk, T.O. Yashkina, Dnipro State Medical University, Dnipro, Ukraine


Acute respiratory viral diseases continue to dominate among the causes for seeking medical help. In the pediatric population, about 60 % of cases have a recurrent course, which in turn often leads to the development of post-viral asthenic syndrome. In such children, one can find rapid fatigability, attention disorders and inability to concentrate, impaired information processing, emotional lability, and sleep disorders. All this disrupts the usual way of life of both the child and his relatives that undoubtedly re-quires the treatment of this condition and complete restoration of the state of the body after episodes of acute respiratory diseases. Phytotherapy has found its place in the management of children with post-viral asthenia due to the polyvalence of the pharmacological action, proven efficiency, safety of long-term therapy with phytopreparations and economic attractiveness for the majority of the population. In modern realities, phytotherapy is used as a reductive therapy, which makes up for the lack of products of intermediate metabolism in the body; as detoxification therapy that provides adsorption or chemical binding of exo- and endotoxins, increasing the body’s resistance to them and stimulating the excretory systems. It is important to use the neurotropic, immunotropic, hormone-like action of biologically active substances of plants; natural compounds, actively modifying the functions of regulatory systems, have prospects in the treatment of complex diseases. Analysis of the search databases PubMed, Web of Science, Sco-pus, Google Scholar, RSCI, Index Copernicus, BMJ, MEDLINE on the possibility of use, efficacy and safety of phytocomponents of Alleva in children of different ages with symptoms of post-viral asthenia allowed to ensure the application of this drug to control manifestations of asthenic syndrome. The article analyzes the options for correcting childhood asthenia with dry concentrates of linden flowers, lemon balm, chamomile, extracts of passionflower, hop, orange tree and lavender.

Keywords: post-viral fatigue syndrome; review; phytotherapy; children

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