Personalized study of the effectiveness of Cocarnit in the clinic of alcohol dependence at the stage of withdrawal syndrome

Authors: I.K. Sosin, O.Yu. Goncharova

Kharkiv Medical akademy Postgraduate Education the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Addiction Department


The work performed analytical review of drug use in narcology Kokarnit for its intended purpose – namely in alcoholic polyneuropathy (experience of the authors at the Information Letter of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Patent № 74888, Registry industry innovations Ministry of Health of Ukraineбб articles and theses). In the model Personalized study proved differentiated application Kokarnit on his new appointment on a background of standard («protocol») detoxification therapy – with somatic-neurological, vascular and neuro-psychiatric- behavioral disorders that create total clinical picture of a withdrawal syndrome in the clinic for alcohol dependence. Material objectified specific clinical illustration.

Keywords: drug Kokarnit known indications, alcohol dependence, withdrawal syndrome, new opportunities, the personification of the study, anti withdrawal effects.

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