Pathogenetically determined approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of polyneropathy

Authors: Trishchinskaya MA, Kononov OE, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PL Shupyka, Kyiv, Ukraine


Distal symmetrical sensorimotor syndrome is quite common in clinical practice. It is very important to establish the cause of polyneuropathy in time and most accurately. There are about 100 causes of damage to the peripheral nervous system. Recently, increasing attention is paid to instrumental and laboratory research methods, while clinical diagnosis, careful history taking, careful examination can give more than 70 % of the diagnosis. It is very important not to stop searching for a possible etiological factor, even when at first glance the cause is obvious, but clinically there are discrepancies. In the process of finding the causative factors, it is important not to waste time and start treatment as early as possible. For this purpose, drugs can be used that are aimed at universal factors of pathogenesis — free radical oxidation, inflammation, edema, microcirculation disorders.

Keywords: polyneuropathy; history taking; antioxidants; microcirculatory disorders.

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