New risk factors and new opportunities for the prevention of acid-related diseases

Based on the materials of the scientific-practical conference “Days of gastroenterology in Kyiv” November 15-16

The format of the conference implied an interdisciplinary approach to solving urgent problems of clinical gastroenterology with the involvement of specialists from various specialties, as well as representatives of fundamental medical sciences.

Head of the Research Laboratory «Pharmacology and Experimental Pathology» NSC «Institute of Biology» Kyiv National University. Tarasa Shevchenko, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Tetyana Volodymyrivna Berehova, presented the results of her own research on the gastrotoxicity of the monosodium glutamate food supplement and the possibilities of using lactulose-based prebiotics for the prevention of acid-dependent stomach diseases.

Prepared by Dmitro Molchanov

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