New approaches to pharmacotherapy and pharmacoprophylaxis of astheno-neurotic conditions

Author: S.G. Burchinsky

State Institution «Institute of Gerontology named after A.I. D.F. Chebotareva NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv


The article presents the results of a review study on the problem of the use of drugs in the treatment of asthenic syndrome in neurotic disorders. One of the products created on the basis of natural ingredients and recently appeared in Ukraine should be called Langena – a product made in Bulgaria. The main distinguishing feature of Langena is the combination of 4 components of natural origin in one capsule: 3 plant extracts (ginseng root – 40 mg, ginkgo biloba leaves – 40 mg and blackcurrant fruits – 30 mg) and 1 enzyme (coenzyme Q10 – 50 mg). The results of the study show that the appearance of Langena in domestic neurological practice makes it possible to optimize the treatment and prevention of asthenic syndrome.

Key words: neurotic disorders, asthenic syndrome, prevention, treatment, Langena.

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