Modern vectors of herbal medicine in the treatment of vegetative syndromes in children

Аuthors: V.V. Korneva, N.P. Glyadelova, V.G. Kozachuk

Department of Pediatrics No. 2 of the National medical academy of postgraduate education named after P. L. Shupyka, Kyiv

The presented scientific review of domestic and foreign medical literature is devoted to the analysis of the problem of vegetative syndromes (VS) in children of different age groups, as well as possible methods of phytotherapy for these syndromes.

Despite some criticism of the concept of vegetative dysfunction (VD) in children, various VS represent a problem that family doctors, pediatricians and other specialists face on a daily basis. VS in the children’s population is exclusively the prerogative of adolescence, they are observed in all age groups. In terms of prevalence in childhood, VD is second only to SARS and is increasingly taking on the features of a medical and social problem.

In the presented scientific review, modern vectors of phytotherapy of various medical conditions in children are noted: the prospects of using dietary supplements Viador and Alleva, which appeared on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market in the second quarter of 2018.

Combined dietary supplement Viador due to the components of plant origin and the essential trace element manganese improves appetite, increases gastric secretion; effective in children’s ED (asthenovegetative syndrome, especially against the background of psycho-emotional school workload, adaptation of children to children’s preschools, etc.); contains various plant-based vitamins, bioactive substances (isoquercetrin, etc.), trace elements, which makes it possible to recommend this complex to children during the period of convalescence after respiratory infections.

Alleva syrup can be recommended for various manifestations of VD, namely: for sedative purposes, for sleep disturbances; as an antispasmodic agent for disorders of cerebrointestinal interactions, as well as a phytohypotensive agent; for the purpose of vitamin and trace element correction

In the complex treatment of VD in children, the effectiveness of herbal remedies should be remembered. Dietary supplements Viador and Alleva, which are effective for vegetative imbalance in children of different age groups, can be modern vectors of phytotherapy for these conditions.

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