Mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative disorders: from pathogenesis to therapy

Authors: V.O. Kholin, Institute of Gerontology named after D.F. Chebotaryova National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

The article deals with the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in the development of neurodegenerative processes and cognitive impairment associated with them. It is emphasized that mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative pathology of the central nervous system is one of the main pathophysiological processes, so it can be a very effective target for the treatment. L-carnitine is a certain area of interest in the pathophysiological, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. However, the search for new drugs that will effectively influence mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegeneration continues and gives some hope that they will take a worthy place in the treatment of diseases associated with cognitive impairment.

Keywords: mitochondria; mitochondrial dysfunction; neurodegenerative diseases; cognitive impairment; L-carnitine.

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