Medulac: an effective solution to a delicate problem!

Due to the content of lactulose MEDULAK:

  • Normalizes digestion, stimulates intestinal motility and prevents constipation
  • Stimulates the growth of beneficial bifidus and lactobacilli in the large intestine
  • Suppresses the activity of harmful bacteria and enzymes that poison the body with toxins
  • Improves the absorption of vitamins and calcium by the body, thereby beneficially affecting the state of the circulatory, immune and musculoskeletal systems, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Prevents postoperative complications, provides protection against intestinal infections, activates local immunity

MEDULAK is used orally. The regimen and dose should be selected based on the clinical effect and depending on individual needs.

So, MEDULAK is an effective and safe drug for the whole family. A convenient form of syrup and a pleasant sweet taste will give comfort in the treatment of even the most delicate patients – children. And due to the fact that MEDULAK combines the properties of a prebiotic and a mild osmotic laxative, it can be successfully used for functional constipation, accompanied by disorders of the intestinal microflora!

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