Medotilin in the rehabilitation system for patients with acute cerebrovascular accidents

Authors: Teshchuk V., Teshchuk N., Dunaj О.

Military-medical Clinical Centre of South Region, Odessa, Ukraine


The article presents the results of a comprehensive clinical and neurological examination of 57 patients, who underwent treatment in the angioneurological department of the Neurosurgery and Neurology Clinic of the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region of Ukraine. In this article, there is analyzed the impact of Medotilin (in a dose of 4.0 ml – 1.000 mg intramuscularly, once a day, for 30 days) on cerebral hemodynamics and bioelectric activity of the brain in patients with acute cerebrovascular accident (ACVA) by ischemic type. It was found that Medotilin in this group of patients improves cerebral hemodynamics and causes reorganization of the bioelectric activity of the brain. The type of reorganization is determined by hemispheric localization of ACVA. Positive impact of Medotilin on cerebral hemodynamics and bioelectric activity of the brain in patients, who have suffered ischemic ACVA, gives reason to recommend the wider use of Medotilin in the system of rehabilitation in this group of patients.

Keywords: acute cerebrovascular accident; ischemic stroke; Medotilin; rehabilitation; cerebral hemodynamics; bioelectric activity of the brain.

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