Levofloxacin in the treatment of pyelonephritis: efficacy and benefits

Author: Tatyana Petreman

Pyelonephritis is not only the most common kidney disease, but also a significant economic and social health problem both in Ukraine and around the world. After all, young people of working age most often suffer from it, and with improper treatment, the disease quickly progresses into a chronic form, leading to the development of chronic kidney disease and permanent disability. Therefore, the topic of rational etiotropic therapy for pyelonephritis is becoming extremely relevant today.


Levofloxacin is a new antimicrobial drug of the fluoroquinolone group, which is the L-isomer of ofloxacin.

The main advantages of levofloxacin:

  • a wide range of antimicrobial activity;
  • high efficiency in comparison with other fluoroquinolones (in vitro efficiency of the drug is two times higher than that of ofloxacin);
  • safe to use. The list of side effects of levofloxacin is similar to those of all representatives of the fluoroquinolone group, but the frequency with which they occur with this drug is much lower;
  • ease of use of levofloxacin – once a day;
  • the presence of oral and intravenous forms of the drug for stepwise antibiotic therapy of pyelonephritis.

In Ukraine, World Medicine presents levofloxacin Levoximed solution for infusions 500 mg/100 ml and tablets 500 mg. The democratic price of the drug, the availability of two forms, which allows stepwise therapy, the excellent tolerability of levofloxacin, proven by the results of post-marketing studies conducted in our country, a wide spectrum of action on gram-positive, gram-negative, anaerobic and atypical microflora makes the use of Levoximed a reasonable choice for complicated infections.

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Published in the journal «District Doctor» January’2017

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