Langena: activity and vitality for long years life

Author: Mamedova S. A., Ph.D. farm. Sciences, NUPh

LANGENA is a combined herbal remedy with a complex and versatile action. It contains extracts of medicinal plants (ginseng root, ginkgo biloba leaves, black currant fruits), as well as a vitamin-like substance – coenzyme Q10.

LANGENA helps maintain optimal vitality, also in old age. Supports physical and mental activity, improves the function of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation and vein tone, and with long-term use prevents skin flabbiness and early aging of the body.

Due to the properly selected composition, LANGENA has a lot of useful effects: nootropic (improves concentration and memory, increases the level of performance), vegetotropic (relieves manifestations of autonomic dysfunction), calming and anti-anxiety (stabilizes the psycho-emotional background, reduces the body’s negative reactions to stress, increases stress resistance).

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