Langen in the prophylaxis of cognitive disorders and autumn depression

Every year, with the onset of autumn, doctors note an increase in the number of patients with complaints of worsening health, poor sleep, depressed mood, loss of strength, and decreased performance. Often, patients themselves associate this with an exacerbation of chronic diseases or a «lack of vitamins». However, in reality, such a state of depression, apathy and mild cognitive impairment is nothing more than a seasonal depressive disorder, or autumn depression.

The Langena complex preparation contains all the necessary components to maintain the vitality of the body and effectively prevent autumn depression. It restores the normal functioning of the body, improves mood, and prevents the development of cognitive disorders. A monthly course with Langena is an investment in a good mood. A good mood and a positive attitude are, as you know, the key to success in life. Recommend to your patients to take 1 capsule of Langena once in the morning, and there will be fewer gloomy patients at your appointment!

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Published in the journal «District doctor» № 8’2015

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