If the child begins to squint: we control myopia and its progression

Author: M.V. Shevkolenko, Ph.D., expert in pediatric ophthalmology of the Kiev Department of Health

Myopia in the modern world is becoming an increasingly urgent medical and social problem due to the steady increase in the number of people with myopia, primarily among the child population. At the same time, the number of children with complicated forms of myopia is significantly increasing.

Timely detection and adequate correction of myopia are necessary measures to curb the rate of progression of the disease, prevent complications and disability. If there are complaints of blurred vision or if there are changes in the child’s behavior (comes close to the TV or squints), an examination by a pediatric ophthalmologist is recommended. Correction of myopia in order to achieve the highest quality vision is preferable to prevent progression of the disease. The vitamin and mineral complex SlezaVit® can be used in the complex management of patients with myopia in order to increase tolerance to visual stress and reduce the symptoms of asthenopia.

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