Fugue for prescribing probiotics in COVID‑19: use or neglect?

Authors: N. B. Gubergrits1, MD, Professor, N. V. Belyayeva1, PhD, T. L. Mozhina2, Ph.D.

1 Into-Sana multidisciplinary clinic, Odessa;
2 Center for a Healthy Heart Dr. Krakhmalova, Kharkov

I always work better after listening to music.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The new virus SARS-CoV‑2, the culprit of the coronavirus disease‑19 (COVID‑19), has suddenly burst into the life of all mankind, changing established life habits and almost pushing the world to the brink of death, provoking the development of a pandemic. Despite the emergence of the first standards of treatment and active vaccination, the number of infected and dead from COVID-19 still continues to be measured in the millions, new (more aggressive) mutations of the virus appear, the number of cases with severe disease and fatal consequences is growing; all this makes the problem of martial arts and confrontation with SARS-CoV‑2 global and burning.

Among the many adjuvant ways to combat this disease, the possibility of using probiotics is widely discussed. We tried to understand this issue by listening to the skillful healer of health – Music and making our story like a fugue – many-voiced and polyphonic.

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