Dynamics of indicators of video laryngostroboscopy during complex treatment of patients with persistent functional dysphonias, which are accompanied by pronounced hypotonia of the vocal apparatus

Authors: Shidlovskaya T.A., Volkova T.V. (Kiev)


There was conducted complex treatment of 28 patients with persistent functional impairment of voice that are accompanied with hypotonus vocal apparatus, which included, in addition to traditional phoniatric therapy, medications of systemic effect according to the results of electrophysiological studies (EEG, REG), as well as medications and metabolic stimulating action. Used medications – piracetam, cerebrolysinum, cavinton, stugeron, cocarnit, persen and others. In dynamics of treatment there was associated with a significant improvement in the functional activity of the vocal apparatus and indicators of videolaryngo-stroboscopy. Thus, it is obtained accurate (p <0,01) difference between the average assessment score of videolaryngostroboscopy indicators in patients before and after treatment: 12,0 ± 0,45 and 7,35 ± 0,24, respectively, during the control value 5,01 ± 0,01. The proposed method of comprehensive treatment of functional disorders of the voice, accompanied by a pronounced hypotonus vocal tract, improves the efficiency of therapeutic interventions in this patient population.

Key words: functional dysphonia, videola-ryngostroboscopy, complex treatment.

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