Depressive and dysthymic disorders in psychosomatic pathology and the ways of their pharmacological correction

Author: S.G. Burchinsky

State Institution “Institute of Gerontology named after A.I. D.F. Chebotareva NAMS of Ukraine, Kyiv


The review article presents the results of using combined agents that include biologically active components of St. John’s wort and the corresponding components of motherwort and peony in the complex neuro- and psychotropic pharmacotherapy of depression and dysthymia in patients with psychosomatics. The Stressophyt drug, which is an optimal, pharmacologically and clinically justified combination of an antidepressant + thymostabilizer + sedative, makes it possible to simplify the treatment as much as possible while maintaining its effectiveness, reduce polypharmacy and increase compliance in the treatment process, improve treatment safety standards and reduce the economic burden on the patient.

Key words: depression, dysthymia, psychosomatics, antidepressant, thymostabilizer, sedative, Stressophyt.

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