Complex outpatient treatment of functional constipation in preschool children

Authors: T.Z. Marchenko 1, O.O. Semenyuk 1,2

1Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
2Lviv Municipal City Children’s Clinical Hospital


A comparative study of the effectiveness of complex treatment of functional constipation with the inclusion of lactulose (Medulac) in 21 children of preschool age (3-6 years), in contrast to other laxatives from the group of derivatives of diphenylmethane (sodium picosulphate) in 15 children of the same age, showed that the dynamics of the main symptoms of the disease (abdominal pain due to the scale of abdominal pain, frequency of defecation, the presence of tension and pain during bowel movements, the characteristics of the stool according to the Bristol stool scale), as well as the elimination of coprolites in the intestine according to the sonography, were significantly more favorable in the group of children receiving lactulose (Medulac).

Keywords: functional constipation, children of preschool age, lactulose, Medulac, defecation, abdominal pain scale, Bristol stool scale.

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