Comparison of the effect of topical application of dexamethasone and diclofenac on the process of corneal epithelialization after a burn

Authors: S. A. Yakimenko, P. O. Kostenko, the Filatov Institute of Eye diseases and Tissue Therapy of National Medical Sciences Academy, Odessa

The treatment of the inflammatory reaction, which develops as a result of the eye burn damage, is a very complex and unsolved problem.

Purpose of the study

To study the influence of instillations of steroid and nonste­roid preparations on the course of postburn reparative process in the cornea in the experiment.

Material and methods

The chemical burns of the cornea (3B cm) were modeled in 10 eyes of experimental animals


It was shown that the groups where instillations of 0.1 % solution of diclofenac Clodifen and 0.1 % solution of dexamethasone were given were not noted negative effect of both steroid and nonsteroid preparations on the course of the postburn reparative process in the cornea in comparison with the control one. The results obtained allow to recommend these preparations for treatment of the eye burns from the first day after under the condition of a constant control of the cornea state.

Key words: eye burn, dicloafenac, dexamethasone

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