Combined urogenital infection and features of its treatment

Authors: V.I. Zaitsev, O.S. Fedoruk, I.I. Ilyuk

Department of Urology and Neurosurgery of Bukovyna State Medical University

Authors performed examination and treatment of 326 men with chronic prostatitis. Among them in 196 patients, combination of trichomonas or gardnerella with atypical bacterias was found. It was discovered that prostatic examination was much more sensitive compared to urethral discharge for revealing of any bacteria (from 1,5 times for chlamydia to 11,5 for trichomonas). Staged treatment is recommended in such cases – antiprotozoal drug (Secnidox) for the first stage and antibiotic Levoximed for the second one. Effectiveness of this treatment was 98% with minimal side effects.

Keywords: urinary tract infection, chronic prostatitis, antibiotic, atypical microorganisms.

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