Combined therapy with Medotilin and Elfunat in the prevention and treatment of neuropsychiatric complications after open heart surgery

O.A. Hitalchuk, Archil Kaluzha
Regional Center of Cardiosurgery of Odesa Regional Hospital, Odesa, Ukraine

Abstract. After open-heart surgery, postoperative neuropsychiatric complications often develop: stroke — in 4.8 % of cases, diffuse en- cephalopathy — in 12 %, behavior changes — in 5–40 %, cognitive impairment — in 12–79 %, mental disorders — in 13–64 %. The causes of their development are acetylcholine deficiency with sub- sequent dysfunction of the cholinergic system and oxidative stress, which result from hypoxia, hypoperfusion, and a systemic inflam- matory reaction. In this regard, the appointment of drugs that re- store the acetylcholine synthesis – choline alfoscerate (Medotilin), and drugs that suppress oxidative stress – mexidol (Elfunate) is considered a promising direction for the prevention and treatment of neuropsychiatric complications. The study conducted on the ba- sis of the regional cardiac surgery center of the Odessa Regional Hospital demonstrated that the combined use of Medotilin and Elfunate can reduce the frequency of neuropsychiatric complica- tions, as well as reduce the duration of treatment in the hospital.

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