Powerful help for children’s eyes

How can you prevent a child’s eyesight from deteriorating? In addition to observing a rational

The quality of vision is the quality of life

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of high-quality vision for human life. This is

How to maintain healthy vision?

Prepared by Alina Zarnitskaya How to maintain healthy vision? People usually start thinking about this

What is glaucoma?

Reasons for development and recommendations Sight is the most important of the five senses, as

Cataract is a disease of the lens of the eye

Cataract is a process of clouding and darkening of the lens of the eye. This

Eye diseases: age-related macular dystrophy

Age-related macular dystrophy (AMD) is a dangerous eye pathology AMD is one of the most

Myopia in children: prevention and treatment

Myopia is when a person clearly sees only close objects. In the distance, she sees

What does a woman dream about?

And eternal battle. Rest only in our dreams. I. Brodsky WHAT IS A WOMAN DREAMING

Depression: From Hippocrates to Modernity

Author: Lamara Lvova, Ph.D. biol. Sciences On the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, one of the newest

Langena: activity and vitality for long years life

Author: Mamedova S. A., Ph.D. farm. Sciences, NUPh LANGENA is a combined herbal remedy with

Opefera – good atmosphere for the abdomen!

Насыщенный современный темп жизни, стрессы и неполноценное питание влияют на наш организм, зачастую, не лучшим

How to get rid of abdominal pain and discomfort?

Як відомо у кишечнику здорової людини мешкає більше 500 видів мікроорганізмів: біфідобактерії, лактобактерії та багато інших, що

Iron deficiency anemia: current state of the problem

Автор: Л.Ф. Матюха Анемия относится к числу глобальных проблем современного здравоохранения; по последним данным, 80% всех случаев

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