Benefits of the combined probiotic Opefer in the prevention and treatment of obesity (experimental justification)

Author: T.M. Falaleeva, d.biol. Ph.D., professor, head of the Department of Biomedicine, NSC «Institute of Biology and Medicine» Taras Shevchenko KNU

The purpose of the study was to study the effect of the synbiotic Opefer on the development of experimental obesity in rats caused by monosodium glutamate. Opefer synbiotic was used in 1-month-old animals that received monosodium glutamate in the neonatal period. Probiotic therapy with Opefer was carried out for 3 courses, one course – 2 weeks, once a month. A significant reduction in body mass index and visceral fat mass was confirmed by a reduction in obesity. In addition, the introduction of the synbiotic Opefer ensured the normalization of lipid metabolism in the blood serum of rats. The most pronounced effect of the synbiotic concerned the level of cholesterol in blood serum, which was statistically reliably restored to the level of intact rats. The concentration of very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) decreased by 32.3% (p<0.05), and low-density lipoproteins (LDL) by 30.6% (p<0.05) in animals administered the Opefer synbiotic. , and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels increased by 25.7% (p<0.05) compared to the placebo group. The introduction of the combined probiotic Opefer contributed to the restoration of the hormonal activity of adipose tissue. Thus, the concentration of adiponectin in blood serum and leptin in adipose tissue when the probiotic was administered did not differ from their level in intact rats.

Thus, course use of the synbiotic Opefer (for 2 weeks once a month) led to an increase in the level of adiponectin in the blood, a decrease in the concentration of leptin in adipose tissue, and a normalization of lipid metabolism in animals that were subjected to therapy. monosodium glutamate was administered during the neonatal period. The obtained results indicate the effectiveness of the synbiotic Opefer in the prevention of obesity.

The data obtained in the study are an experimental justification of the feasibility of using the Opefer synbiotic for the treatment and prevention of obesity. Thus, in the arsenal of a practicing doctor there is an effective and safe product that can be prescribed to children from 1 year and older.

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