Application of the infusion form of L-carnitine in the complex treatment of patients with stage III chronic kidney disease

Authors: O.V. Kuryata, Ye.O. Frolova, SE “Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine”

The aim – to assess the efficacy and safety of combination treatment using the infusion form of  L-carnitine (Metacartin) in patients with chronic renal failure. The study included 32 patients with CKD stage III (14 men, 18 women) aged 21 to 62 years with a glomerular filtration rate of 59–30 ml/(min · 1.73 m2) after receiving their informed consent. The quality of life of patients with CKD stage III was significantly reduced, especially due to the indicators of the physical component of health: general health and body pain. From indicators of the psychological component of health in patients with CKD stage III, the lowest level is set for vital activity. Inclusion to standard treatment of L-carnitine has led to a significant decrease in serum creatinine levels and increased GFR and improvement of GH and mental health in patients with CKD stage III.

Key words: chronic kidney disease, chronic renal failure, quality of life, L-carnitine.

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