Antibiotic therapy in pregravid preparation of women at risk of intrauterine infection

Authors: S.M. Heryak, N.V. Petrenko, V.Yu. Dobryansky, V.V. Kutsenko, I.V. Korda, N.I. Bahnij, O.Ye. Stelmakh

Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, including chlamydial infection, significantly impair the quality of women’ life, reduce the possibility of the development of pregnancy as a result of tubal-peritoneal damage by the infection, do adversely affect on duration of pregnancy, postpartum period and the newborn.

The objective

To determine the efficacy of the use of the modern antibiotic fluoroquinolone III generation Levoksimed (World Medicine) to improve the quality of reproductive health in women with chlamydial infection in the program of pregravid preparation.

Patients and methods

The study included 58 women (study group) who, when contacting a women’s consultation about pregnancy planning, identified and confirmed a chlamydial infection. The control group included 18 practically healthy women.


After the treatment we offered, all the patients noted improvement in overall health, 46 (80%) decreased the number of complaints of chronic pelvic pain, 53 (91%) discontinued pathologic discharge from the genital tract. Intolerance and side effects of this treatment in no case is not documented. Only one patient (1.7%) after 5 days of treatment was diagnosed with mild intestinal dysbiosis. Based on the results of the repeated PCR_examination, the examined women of the genetic material C. trachomatis were not detected. After the treatment, 28 (48%) of the patients became pregnant independently. It should be noted that in the women treated by us, the pregnancy proceeded without deviations and complications. They had live full-term infants with no signs of intrauterine infection.


Levoximed makes a high bactericidal activity, has good tolerability and safety, that is possible to use it as a drug for choice in women with risk factors of intrauterine infection, planning pregnancy.

Key words: chlamydial infection, antibacterial therapy, quality of life, pregnancy, Levoximed.

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