About us

World Medicine Company was founded in 2010 in Ukraine, affiliated to World Medicine Corporate Group.

The global aim of the company is to enhance the quality of life of people worldwide.
The activity of the company consists in manufacture of available and high-quality pharmaceutical products in the context of sustainable manufacture in compliance with international standards, which is ensured by continuous improvement of the quality system and implementation of innovative technologies.

Guided by the striving to achieve the leading company status in all countries and regions of activity, World Medicine continues acting as a reliable business partner, presenting a large portfolio consisting of more than 450 pharmaceutical products in such areas as neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, urology, pulmonology, etc.

Our motto

Health is a treasure that we share with you.

Our view

We endeavor to be a trustable business partner and a leading company within all the operating countries and focus areas.

Our mission

Applying innovative technologies, to improve the quality of life by ensuring global access to available and effective products in accordance with universal quality standards.

Business strategy

Using the experience of successfully doing business in the countries of presence, which allowed us to become one of the main players in the pharmaceutical markets, the World Medicine team is working on obtaining registration certificates for the medicines.

World Medicine, as a subsidiary of the World Medicine Group of Companies, was founded in 2020 in Ukraine.

World Medicine with the headquarters in Turkey is engaged in export of medicines to more than 35 countries of the world. A research and development laboratory of the company, provided with the innovative technical equipment, is located in Istanbul Province. One of the manufacturing facilities is located in Istanbul Province, and the other in Cerkezkoy district of Tekirdag Province. The production sites of the company abroad perform production activities in Romania, Belarus and Algeria.