About Us

The WORLD MEDICINE company started its activity in 1998. Today WORLD MEDICINE is a group of companies with a central office in London which includes the companies with the identical names in the United Kingdom, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and other countries. The WORLD MEDICINE group of companies is engaged in development, production, and sales of pharmaceutical products, and it is presented in more than 35 countries worldwide. Total personnel amounts to more than 2 500 people.

World Medicine group of companies has a multi-type product portfolio that includes more than 350 pharmaceutical products in such medical fields as therapeutics, neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, urology, pulmonology, etc.

Our Vision

To become the leading pharmaceutical company in the countries of operation and one of the top 15 generic pharmaceutical companies.

Our Mission

We always tend to remain a highly successful pharmaceutical company that provides effective medicines improving the quality of life, and to be a company which is respected for professionalism and which has a reputation of a reliable partner, supplier and employer.

Business Strategy

The robustness of business strategies are reviewed by the management at regular intervals. The business plans are modified and improvements made as an ongoing process.

Our Motto

Health is the treasure we share.

The medium term strategy of WORLD MEDICINE is to continuously globalise the intellectual property assets and enhance value to shareholders and customers.

In global markets, the Company shall retain and enhance cost efficient quality leadership in broad spectrum of quality and lifestyle disease drugs. It is the endeavour of the company to achieve this by improving process efficiencies, adopting global scale manufacturing and using cost effective market networks throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle and Far East and Africa.
WORLD MEDICINE shall repeat its success and emerge as a major player in countries of presence while planning to obtain regulatory approvals for registration of novel pharmaceuticals in lifestyle disease drugs and sterile and non-sterile cephalosporins having substantial entry barriers.

The Company’s competitive advantage is in capturing a large portfolio of approvals, backed up by a global standard R&D effort that offers several patented non-infringing processes and intellectual properties, and a cost efficient mega manufacturing network complying to US FDA and EU authorities.

The corporate plans are to ensure growth through organic means, and by adopting strategic joint ventures and alliances. The objective is to maximize the revenues and reduce risks.