A new complex of metabolic substances and vitamins in the treatment of eye burns and their consequences

Authors: Iakymenko S., Kostenko P.

The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Odessa, Ukraine


Eyes burns are a frequent and most severe kind of damage to the eye, which is accompanied by a violation of all types of metabolic processes in the tissues of the eye.


To study the effect of Cocarnit on the course of the burn process in the cornea and its effectiveness in treating patients with eye burns and their consequences.

Materials and methods

The experimental part of the work was performed on rabbits (8 eyes) in which chemical burns of the cornea 3B degree. Clinical studies were conducted in 144 patients with burns of the eyes and their consequences, in the complex of treatment of which the drug was added Cocarnit.

Result of research and discussion

When evaluating the effectiveness of treatment in an experiment in a group where rabbits received intramuscular injections of Cocarnit, it was noted that the corneal epithelization time was shortened, the degree of vascularization and the intensity of corneal opacity decreased.

Clinical observations in patients showed that all patients with burns receiving additional Cocarnit noted a decrease in complaints of pain in the eye, a reduction in epithelialization of the cornea on average by 6–8 days, compared with the control group, which reduced the length of stay in the hospital for 7–10 days (p≤0.05). In patients with outcomes of burns, courses of preventive therapy with the inclusion of Cocarnit, an improvement in visual function in 93.6% was noted.


The carried out experimental studies, as well as the results obtained in patients with burns of the eyes, testify to the positive effect of Cocarnit on the course of burn eye disease, to shorten the epithelialization of the cornea, and on the results of further rehabilitation of patients, which makes it possible to recommend Cocarnit for the treatment of eye burns and their сonsequences.

Keywords: eye burns, metabolic therapy.

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